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At Extreme Mobile Audio, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Rest assured that our talented team will take care of you.
Cumming Stereo Repair/Replacement

Stereo Repair/Replacement

If there is a glitch or problem with your stereo, then we are just the team to fix it for you. No matter what the issue, the Extreme Mobile Audio technicians can take care of it quickly and to the highest quality. We will have everything working better than new!

Cumming Stereo w/ GPS Repair & Replacement

Stereo w/ GPS Repair & Replacement

If you have been enjoying that complete stereo and GPS system in your automobile, then we are here to make sure it continues in perfect function. No matter what the problem may be, Extreme Mobile Audio is here to repair or replace any or all pieces of your stereo and GPS system that will bring everything back to sparkling new.

Cumming Bluetooth Installation

Bluetooth Installation

Do you prefer the speakerphone to handling that pesky little item in your hand? Here at Extreme Mobile Audio we have a great selection of bluetooth systems to help you maintain communication for personal or work use at every moment of the day. So, keep up business the enture time you are on the road without the difficulty of managing the phone!

Cumming Bluetooth Repair/Replacement

Bluetooth Repair/Replacement

If the bluetooth system that came with your car is already wearing out or missing signals, then we are here to repair or replace it as needed. Come on in to Extreme Mobile Audio for a complete evaluation and every possible update or replacement that is necessary. We are here for you!

Cumming Speaker Installation

Speaker Installation

If the audio needs improvement in your car, then new speakers may be just the solution you are looking for. Come on down to Extreme Mobile Audio where we have a great selection of speaker systems as well as the perfect operation to install them for you.

Cumming Stereo Installation Kit

Stereo Installation Kit

Sometimes it is just a little too much to pay professionals to install a new or updated stereo into your car. Here at Extreme Mobile Audio we have both a selection of newest and highest grade stereos for your car, as well as the installation kit to assist you in the instruction and items needed to install it yourself. Enjoy extreme quality product and learn the skills needed yourself. We have all if it in one!

Cumming Lighting & Accessories

Lighting & Accessories

Optimize your ride, with custom car lighting and accessories to add the perfect touches to your interior or exterior. We provide both LED and HID replacements, light bars, fog lights, and underglow lights; just tell us your vision and let us make it happen. In addition, we also provide custom fit WeatherTech car liners, to protect your floors from spills, dirt, water and more.

Cumming Power Sports & Marine Audio and Lighting

Power Sports & Marine Audio and Lighting

You're not satisfied with customizing only your car, and neither are we! We extend our full range of services to specialty vehicles of all kinds, including watercraft, ATVs, and other sporting vehicles. We design and install the perfect look, sound, and feel for you.